Mercedes AMG Petronas

iOS App Design

The Mercedes AMG Petronas app was designed using the lovely brand colours of Petronas, to showcase all Formula 1 race related info. We designed everything in the app, from the user experience to the interface design. The design also features a clever news ticker at the top which appears during a live race with race info and timings.

next race

The user can view info on the next race, which shows which circuit the next race is in, how many days and hours are left till the race and info on the race start time.

the car

Images can be viewed of the car, along with info and technical specifications.


On the next race section, you can click on ‘View Circuit’ which pops up with a map and info about the circuit.


Clear table drop down from the main screen, which shows the teams position and points within that race season.


All of the latest info on the drivers, team and race development stories.

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